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If you’re out in a boat or on dry land you could be an NSLive.tv Community Correspondent!
We can’t be everywhere so we need your help to promote what’s happening in NS.
It’s easy!  More info –> http://nslive.tv/community-correspondents/

The first 2 CC’s to sign up will win a pair of tickets to the Hantsport Music Fest 2017.

See you there!

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Online video offers viable advertising options in 2017

PROMOTION & PUBLICITY are combined as with our [one stop shopping] event promo package. Boost tourism, by sponsoring NSLive.tv promotion and filming of an event in your community.

iTV House Concerts and CD Releases.

You want to be on TV right?

The Gig A Bit studio is open.
Sponsor a studio production and help promote our Nova Scotian talent.

Advertise like it’s 2017.

VIDEO = should be the first thing to consider for PROMOTION!

Before calling your regular advertisers call us first to see what an internet video has to offer and how many ways it can be used!
– Support local community events which helps your area grow.

Free to performers, the Gig A Bit Live Streaming Studio is an acoustic, multi-camera streaming venue that provides a great place to promote what you do.

We are also looking to produce web series and shows, if you have a show idea we should talk!
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If you don’t have any need for advertising, GoFundMe offers the ability for concerned individuals to sponsor our productions, helping us bring Nova Scotia to the world.

Audience size matters!

FWD: Live Video Marketing Practices – multi-platform streaming. NSLive.tv maximizes audience number by delivering LIVE video to multiple platforms. #NSVideoPros

Event promo video’s and LIVE Webcasting.

We promote and produce professional video of your event!
Video is the most powerful form of media avilable and it’s power multiples when placed online, promoted and shared beating Radio and Newspaper for duration and reach! Stop wasting money with limited old school media, use NSLive.tv

Live events are currently the most powerful form of media on social media.

As NSLive.tv grows we plan to be an active source of local news, information and web productions for Nova Scotia. If it is to become this, is up to you, the viewers who watch and the sponsors to make event coverage and productions possible. Then we Nova Scotian’s will no longer have to rely on big out of province media companies for our local programming.


Facebook is optimized to give LIVE VIDEO preference on news feeds. Reach more people more often with a single or multi-camera pro feed from NSLive.tv.
With your sponsorship, our NSLive.tv cruiser can come to your event and promote it with a LIVE to Facebook Broadcast!
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NSLIve.tv promotes directly to the web for the highest reach possible.
Shareable & Watchable online 24/7 nothing else matches this for value.

Our videos and live webcasts reach more people online.

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Be a HERO and Sponsor an event in your area!
Promote your town or community and get some great advertising when you sponsor coverage of a local event.

Did we mention this helps boost tourism and stimulates the creative economy?


Are you Nova Scotia’s version of Mike Holmes or Guy Fieri?

Send us a link to your audition video and tell us about you and what kind of show you think you can host.

We can make Nova Scotia an internet broadcast production centre, generating interest, excitement, tourism and jobs by and for Nova Scotians and keep your money in the province.

This includes the production of regular #webcasts, #webshows and reporting on news and events via creative, new and inexpensive methods never used before. ‪#‎NSLiveStyle‬

Contact us see how we can cover your event or produce a local webshow about what you do.

We aren’t trying to change the world… we just want to bring Nova Scotia to it!

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