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Campbell & Green LIVE

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have had this amazingly talented folk duo in to fill the Gig A Bit Studio with the warmth of their personalities and their music. This is the last stop on their 2 of Hearts tour and will be a lasting memory where we have produced an online vide for them and you to watch.

Campbell + Green – www.CampbellAndGreen.ca
Streamed LIVE on NSLive.tv, May 21st, 2017

Track time & Authors
2:25 – A Simple Life – Robert Campbell, North Easton
6:35 – Queen Of The Wild – Cailin Green, Robert Campbell
11:55 – Big Hearts & Small Towns – Robert Campbell, Lucy Leblanc, Doug Folkins
17:45 – Avalon – Cailin Green, Robert Campbell
23:40 – Love Makes One – Robert Campbell, Cailin Green
29:10 – Sad, Sad Song – Cailin Green, Robert Campbell
34:05 – Sound Of You – Cailin Green, Robert Campbell
40:30 – Don’t Take Your Troubles To The Grave – Robert Campbell, Ivan Boudreau, Cailin Green
46:00 – Wanna Be Your Girl – Cailin Green, Robert Campbell
51:45 – Will It Feel Like Home – Robert Campbell, Ivan Boudreau, Cailin Green
58:40 – Beautiful Today – Cailin Green, Robert Campbell

All Songs © the authors – SOCAN

Campbell + Green are happy to allow use of their music for your project providing you contact and approve first
Contact: Info@CampbellAndGreen.ca
Phone: 01-604-617-2044 (Canada)