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Community Correspondents

Always wanted to be on TV?

Now you have the chance to gain some fame and earn a few dollars while helping us bring local events and happenings to our fellow Nova Scotians.

Just fill out the form below with your name, facebook page, email, mailing address, phone number, and link to a sample video and we will be happy to make you a Community Correspondent so you can post live video reports to our promotional FB Page.

We pay $10 for every 8 valid reports (max 2 per event).
To quality for payment you must use our reporting format.

  1. Open by talking on-camera about the event (details like what and where)
  2. Flip the camera to show some of the event (up to 30seconds or so)
  3. Flip the camera back to make closing remarks which include websites and other details that viewers can learn about the event on their own.
  4. Always close with the line [this is (your name) reporting for] pronounced [N S Live dot Tee Vee]

Reports that contain profanity will not be accepted and removed.

Our goal is to promote events to help them grow so report the facts but try to keep a positive spin on events.

Reports can also be about news events for public awareness.

  • Traffic issues
  • Accidents
  • Extreme weather etc…

We do not condone the dangerous practice of ambulance chasing and will not accept reports that involve using a cell phone while driving. Stay out of harms way and follow the directions of any officials.


Terms & Conditions:
WLM is not responsible for any harm or damages of any type of form that occur while someone is acting on behalf of Once the necessary quantiles are reached it may take up to two weeks to remit payment. WLM has final say on what reports are and are not accepted where the content is a direct reflection of it’s ethics and mandate.


  • You must have a facebook account and have a head shot of yourself as your FB profile picture.
  • There will be little to no tolerance regarding profanity, this is a family channel after all.
  • Events have to be in Nova Scotia or have Nova Scotian involvement.

By posting to you are hereby granting permission to WLM to use your submission on the channel for it’s intended purpose.


Don’t forget to use our hastag #NSLiveStyle.


Thanks and happy reporting!
Brian Cottam Producer.