Promote An Event


Don’t worry, you haven’t totally missed the boat, we can still help. is affordable and production costs for our Event Reports can be covered with 3rd party sponsorships and advertising.

An event video helps grow your event while offering additional value to event sponsors…

  1. Entices more people to attend your event
  2. Offering additional value to event participants and sponsors.
  3. Encourages greater event participation.
  4. Puts your event on the world stage.  (Hello! Tourism)
  5. Supports the local creative economy.

Two Event Coverage Options:

  1. Event Reporting
  2. LIVE Webcasting (production costs vary)

ATEM-1-MEProducing live and recorded events and web shows are all part of what we can do and all our productions are viewable [on-demand 24/7] around the world. Don’t limit your audience by the size of your venue, reach the entire province, country or the world online.

  • Multiple cameras
  • Commercials
  • Lower thirds
  • Verbal Mention
  • Product Placements

LIVE TRADE SHOWS  |  PRODUCT RELEASES  |  PRESS CONFERENCES  |  AWARDS CEREMONIES  |  etc… Need more info? | 902-678-7601 (phone/text)
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16' Camera Jib
Reaching to the top with our 16′ camera jib.