Gig A Bit Studio

GIG-A-BIT is in da HOUSE! Literally

With gigabit fibre-op now installed we have opened the Gig-A-Bit Live Streaming studio. Like the name says, there is no better place to come and gig a little bit to a world wide online audience.

If your an entertainer and looking for the best way to promote what you do then our studio is the place for you. productions have all the elaborate features you are used to seeing on TV!
Lower thirds, graphics, credits, transitions, sponsors ads etc.


Interested in performing in the studio?
Let us know by sending us a sample or links to you on YouTube or FB and we’ll see if you a good fit for this small acoustic space.

Contact Us at for more details regarding performing in the studio or sponsoring a performance.


Advertise like it’s 2017 and support homegrown artists and local media production by sponsoring the GIG a BIT Studio.

Individuals can help support our ongoing efforts to promote Nova Scotia talent through our live studio sessions. This helps us maintain the studio and creates jobs which all feeds back into the NS economy.

Interested in learning TV production or have a show idea?
We could use your talents at believes in the benefits of co-producing these intimate concerts with existing media and established events and festivals for extended promotion.

Contact US to find out more and follow us on Facebook Gig A Bit Studio.