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This is how we got our name.

We don’t just stream events, we create a complete social media marketing campaign to go along with our professional event production.


We hope to stream you along when we say, NSLive.tv OFFERS MUCH MORE.

Unlike most streaming companies NSLive.tv treats your event like a TV production and publishes it to our promotional platform and social media for maximum reach.

Boasting the first ever live “Webathon” and “Internet Cafe” in Nova Scotia, NSLive.tv is ready and capable of taking your event live to the web with a professional TV look and feel.

Audiences Expect Live Content

By 2019 there will be over 28M cord cutters – homes without paid TV services – in the United States alone.

As audiences become more accustomed to watching video content from a mobile device or computer, they will expect the televised awards shows, concerts, and sports events that have cultural significance in their life to be available live and on-demand as well.  They’ll even expect their corporate all-hands meetings, training sessions, and education to be streamed live online.

Through live video, consumers can connect with brands in a more authentic, immediate, and spontaneous way. Brands and organizations of all sizes want to reach customers and employees around the world, face-to-face, in real time to share their most exciting moments.

Webcasts come with a complete social media promotional campaign prior to the event.
The resulting video is accessible online to promote your event for a year afterwards.

Live webcasting is a powerful tool to promote and grow your event in the future.

Many brands and publishers are already experimenting with livestreaming in a variety of ways outside of traditional events and conferences:

  • Behind-the-scenes video for loyal fans and audiences.
  • Q&A’s and direct conversations with customers or social audiences.
  • Special product announcements or launches.
  • Influencer partnerships where a brand features a guest speaker on the stream.

“It captures a sense of community that brands and businesses are desperate to develop,” Ari Zoldan, CEO of Quantum Media.
“They have Instagram, they have Twitter, they might even have private social media networks to foster conversations between customers. But there’s nothing quite like having the customer next to you, so you can show and pitch them on something appealing. Livestreaming allows you to bring the customer to your home turf.”

If your webcasting with anyone else you are missing out.

NSLive.tv viewers are growing in numbers making our social media campaigns very successful.
This proves our ability to not just stream events but to promote them as well.


You be the camera person…
If we are streaming an event, just download the Wirecast® mobile app, and connect.
Your phone is now a production camera for the live stream.

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WLM Camera Jib
Taking your event to new heights with our camera jib.